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Author: Natalie Willis

Health on Wheels: How Medical Carts Are Transforming Care Delivery

Timely and efficient delivery is an essential component of high-quality healthcare—and that delivery can benefit from access to a good set of wheels.

Medical carts of all shapes, sizes and functionalities are transforming healthcare delivery at a pivotal time when nursing departments, emergency departments and surgery centers are struggling to do more with less. In the face of nursing shortages, increased expectations and overworked staffs, carts ease the strain while boosting productivity. Most important, they facilitate positive patient outcomes.

When minutes or even seconds count, an optimized workflow is invaluable. Carts significantly reduce wasted time and wasted energy by giving clinicians instant access to the instruments, medications, supplies and information they need to do their jobs effectively. In ERs and ORs, particularly, the difference is potentially lifesaving as well as load lightening.

What a Good Cart Can Do for You

Today’s best healthcare is integrated, collaborative and timely. It crosses disciplines, it demands the sharing of vital information, and it responds appropriately to the urgency of the situation. It also is becoming increasingly mobile and flexible—adapting in real time, when necessary, to confront new challenges that arise.

Rolling medical carts and workstations are up to the challenge of providing responsive and portable care, expanding the range of diagnostic and treatment possibilities when space or other resources may be at a premium. When staff have on hand everything they and their patients need, they avoid making multiple time- and labor-consuming trips across the facility to obtain supplies or information.

Whatever the need, simple or complex, if it’s related to healthcare delivery, there’s probably a cart that can be easily integrated into the workflow. From transporting items to connecting stakeholders, carts reduce delays and eliminate gaps. Technology-enabled carts can increase communication and collaboration across locations. (Telehealth works, as the pandemic forced providers, patients and payers to acknowledge.) Those involved in a patient’s care can share information in real time, wherever they are, with nurses and physicians recording digital notes immediately at bedside. Clinicians now have tools that allow them to observe patients remotely and make assessments that guide their treatment. Similarly, a patient’s family can meet virtually with the care team and specialists. The right cart can help make it all possible.

Determining the Right Cart for You

So what cart is right for you? Whatever your situation, you want a cart that is:

  • Built for your specific needs. Customization is key to equipping your facility with the carts that will best meet your healthcare requirements. What kind of drawers, bins or other storage do you need? Are you looking for versatility or specialization? Do you need digital technology support for capturing and communicating real-time information?
  • Easy to transport. If mobility is important, you want wheels and casters that roll smoothly, getting your cart to where it needs to be as smoothly as possible.
  • Easy to access. For those who are authorized, easy access—to medicine, supplies, electric power, computer applications, information—is a must. Carts can be equipped with power sources and with software that manages access and permissions and tracks activity.
  • Safe and secure. The same tools that allow access by those who need it can keep out those who do not, protecting patients and limiting risk.
  • Durable, ergonomically designed, space conscious and easy to clean. Carts should be rugged enough for everyday use, designed for safe and efficient use, convenient to store, and a snap to keep clean and disinfected.

Whether you need medication carts, anesthesia carts, isolation carts, crash carts, bedside or point-of-care carts, IV fluid carts, endoscopy carts, supply or utility carts, you want a product you can rely on time after time. Even better, you want a supplier who is ready to help you define and meet your needs, from supply delivery to diagnosis and testing, from emergency response and infection control to facilitating prescriptions and discharge documents. Your staff and your patients deserve to experience the transformation that the right cart can bring to high-quality healthcare delivery.

At Storage Systems Unlimited, we offer a wide array of carts from manufacturers including Armstrong Medical, Blickman, Capsa Healthcare, Harloff, Innerspace by Solaire Medical, InterMetro, Lakeside, MASS, Quantum, TouchPoint Medical and Waterloo. We are your One-Stop Shop for storage-related products for every healthcare application: shelving, workstations, cabinets, plastic products, stainless steel and more. Contact us at 1-888-614-0004 or visit to learn more or request a quote.

Sourcing Solutions: How Supply Chain Can Help Drive Better Patient Outcomes

You’ve heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, it takes a diverse assortment of participants to care for a patient. And the supply chain is poised to wield perhaps unprecedented influence in that big picture.

The group of stakeholders involved in the enablement and delivery of healthcare is wide-ranging. It includes hospitals and health systems; physicians, nurses and other clinicians; insurance companies; group purchasing organizations; and various levels of regulatory agencies. We could expand the list even more to include the architects, contractors, equipment planners and suppliers involved in the construction, renovation or equipping of healthcare facilities. All play a vital role, whether it is for a limited time or ongoing.

Passing through all these entities is the supply chain, which an article in RevCycleIntelligence defined as generally referring to “the resources needed to deliver goods or services to a consumer”—in healthcare, a patient. The patient, of course, is a consumer, and today’s healthcare consumer has higher expectations for both outcomes and overall experiences.

Hospitals and healthcare systems are feeling pressure on multiple fronts, including:

  • The need to deliver better, more integrated care along with lower costs
  • The move toward value-based care
  • The rising cost of healthcare, including medications and medical devices
  • A focus on comparative effectiveness, product safety, vetting of suppliers, and ensuring policies and processes are followed

Leaders and influencers of healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to follow the lead of other industries in deploying supply chain management as a key weapon for achieving quality, safety, cost and other goals. As these organizations strive to provide more holistic, longitudinal care with smoother transitions between facilities and from facility to home, they need solutions that cross organizational and functional lines. Supply chain and materials managers for hospitals and systems, as well as their GPO partners, must discover ways to improve what has often been a fragmented process full of complications and inefficiencies that can negatively affect patient outcomes.

“The supply chain is becoming more involved in sourcing solutions, not just products,” Eugene Schneller, professor of supply chain management at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, told RevCycleIntelligence. By becoming more actively involved in the delivery of care as well as products, the supply chain can help to ensure that providers and patients have what they need when they need it, without the waste that so often contributes to higher costs.

It All Leads to the Patient

According to Pathstone Partners, a Chicago-based management consulting firm, health systems can use supply chain management and optimization to achieve the goals of providing high-quality care, reducing cost and ensuring service ability. This happens “through improved data collection and employment, attentive vendor management, and incentive alignment.”

With access to real-time, centralized data, hospitals and systems can capture and respond to demand for products and services, eliminate waste and redundancy, take advantage of price reductions, optimize utilization and establish standards. Supply chain management in healthcare, Pathstone adds, “plays a critical role in improving patient outcomes to achieve reimbursement through incentive alignment.”

While technology is essential to this pursuit, so are more human elements such as building long-standing relationships and trust through communication. By establishing such relationships with vendors, healthcare organizations can benefit from responsiveness to customer needs, attention to details, seamless projects, and customization—benefits that affect every department within a facility.

Jan de Vries and Robbert Huijsman’s overview of research on supply chain management in health services pointed out lessons that the health sector could learn from the industrial sector. The authors recommend research into the effective use of information technology, the influence of and relationships between different stakeholders, the use of performance metrics, and special attention to the specifics of services.

A guest post in Becker’s Hospital Review characterizes physician leadership as “the missing link” in the supply chain. It suggests that physician involvement could help manufacturers identify “truly promising technologies” as opposed to incremental (but costly) improvements of existing technologies, helping to overcome barriers to the introduction of new products that could lead to improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.

From prescription medications to personal protective equipment, from syringes to electronic medical records, from endoscopes to storage and transport solutions, the supply chain is indispensable to the day-to-day operations of any healthcare facility. By capturing and harnessing actionable data on products and services; flexing the collective clout of GPOs; and connecting with dependable, responsive, trustworthy partners who understand your needs and are committed to a long-term relationship, the supply chain can enhance its ability to make a difference in providing superior patient outcomes while reducing costs.

At Storage Systems Unlimited, we understand supply chain dynamics and the need for an integrated approach to better healthcare. We are your One-Stop Shop for storage-related products for every healthcare application, including carts, shelving, workstations, cabinets, plastic products, stainless steel and more. Contact us at 1-888-614-0004 or visit to learn more or request a quote.

Storage Systems at HealthTrust University 2022


The Storage Systems team is attending the HealthTrust University Conference in Nashville, Tenn. This premier event is HealthTrust’s largest gathering of the year, where HealthTrust members and contracted suppliers come together to learn and network.

Visit Storage Systems at Booth #421

Storage Systems Unlimited is proud to be an exhibitor at the event, and we are looking forward to meeting the 3,000+ people who visit the exhibitor hall. Manufacturer representatives along with members of the Storage Systems team will be manning the booth.

Learn more about what we offer, such as:

> Thousands of products. We offer thousands of products from industry-renowned manufacturers. In fact, we’ll do the shopping for you! We don’t just represent one manufacturer, but many. We offer customized products by department/facility type and competitive pricing.

> Installation services anywhere in the United States. No matter what product you purchase, we will install it—and we use reliable, licensed installers. You can always trust that our team will provide detailed coordination of delivery and installation, assembly of products, placement and installation, and cleanup of all trash and packing equipment.

> Superior project management. We pay personal attention to oversee all aspects of a project from onset to completion—it’s that important to us. We offer detailed management of timelines and deliverables and consistent communications with all parties involved.

> Planning and design of space. We’re dedicated to maximizing operational efficiency. We’ll start with an on-site evaluation of your space and existing products and offer a free real-time view of the completed space. Don’t worry about government and engineering codes and regulations—we guarantee we’ll meet them. Plus, our team will stay within your time and budget constraints.

Explore the Great City of Nashville

We know your schedules might be packed while you’re attending the conference—but if you’re sticking around in Nashville for a few extra days, take advantage of what the city has to offer.

Root for the home team

The Nashville Sounds, the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, are in town July 26–31, with a six-game series against the Charlotte Knights. Before you go, grab a drink and a bite to eat at Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen (conveniently located across the street from the stadium).

Visit the Mother Church of Country Music

Thursday, July 28, is the last night of the 2022 season of Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman, a summer tradition that’s been going on since 1994. Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder will be closing out the season. Can’t make it to the show? Schedule a tour of the iconic Ryman Auditorium. 

Be a foodie

In 2020, Southern Living named Nashville as one of the best food cities in the South, stating that Nashville has a “food scene that soars far above anything you might expect.” For a little spice, try Nashville’s famous hot chicken at either Hattie B’s or Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. In East Nashville, you’ll find gems like Butcher & Bee, a Middle Eastern restaurant, and Lockeland Table. For coffee, skip the chains and try Barista Parlor, Fido, Frothy Monkey or Bongo Java. 

Storage Systems is proud to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need in your hospital, pharmacy, and OR—and your one-stop-shop for Nashville recommendations!

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact us.

23rd Annual Fish Fry – May 27

Fish, friends and bluegrass … what could be better? Storage Systems Unlimited is thrilled to once again host our annual fish fry, complete with live music and entertainment. This tradition started 22 years ago as a way to thank our customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic made a significant impact on business operations and gatherings with people. Despite this, we’re proud to say this event has remained constant—even if it looked like a drive-thru fish fry for a couple of years. We are glad to welcome back our friends, neighbors and customers.

First responders, firefighters and other essential workers are welcome to attend and grab a plate of food—and be appreciated for their hard work. We are proud to give back to those who have given our community so much.

We hope to see both familiar and new faces at our kick-off to summer. Let us show our appreciation for your support, business and service over the past two decades. Join us on May 27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at The Factory in Franklin. We hope to see you there because the fish are through hiding and back to biting!


Storage Systems Showcase at HCP

HealthConnect Partners is bringing providers and suppliers together during their HCP 2022 Spring Conferences held at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana, May 16–20. The Storage Systems team will be at the 2022 Spring Hospital Pharmacy Conference held May 16–18 and at the 2022 Spring Hospital Supply Chain Conference held May 18–20, where Hospital Supply Chain and Hospital O.R. & Surgical will be held concurrently. Every aspect of the HCP conferences is designed to provide the optimum environment for networking and building relationships between providers and suppliers.

Storage Systems Unlimited is proud to be a sponsor of the conferences, and we are excited to showcase how we put our more than 40 years of healthcare experience to use. We intend to make 2022 our most successful year yet. We look forward to connecting with providers to offer real solutions and understand their real needs during the unique Reverse Expo Sessions.

The Storage Systems team will be hosting a Product Showcase during the Pharmacy Conference, which will be held from 12:00–4:00 p.m. on Monday, May 16, at Booth 1012.

The Product Showcase for the Supply Conference and OR/Surgery will be held 12:00–4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 18, at Booth 1300.

The showcase is a unique opportunity to connect before the Reverse Expos. Storage Systems will meet with hospital pharmacy directors and providers who are participating in the pharmacy Reverse Expos sessions, as well as executives of hospital supply chain organizations who are participating in the supply chain and OR/surgical Reverse Expos sessions.

We will have the opportunity to speak directly with providers who will benefit from learning about our unique value-added services. We offer products, planning and design, project management, and installation, and we work with multiple GPOs. Our team works directly with the equipment planners, contractors, architects or facility contacts to ensure the end result exceeds expectations.

We offer thousands of products from industry-renowned manufacturers. We will do the shopping for you. We’re not just a representative of one manufacturer. We offer customized products by department/facility type and competitive pricing with a quality guarantee.

Storage Systems specializes in effective planning and design of useful spaces to maximize operational efficiency. We will:

  • Begin with on-site evaluation of space and existing products
  • Provide free real-time view of the completed space
  • Meet all required government and engineering codes
  • Provide consistent communications with all parties involved
  • Work within the necessary timeline and budget requirements

We provide installation services anywhere in the United States for every product we sell, and we use reliable, licensed installers. You can always trust that our team will provide detailed coordination of delivery and installation, assembly of products, placement and installation, and cleanup of all trash and packing equipment.

Storage Systems requires superior project management. We pay personal attention to oversee all aspects of a project from onset to completion. We offer detailed management of timelines and deliverables and consistent communications with all parties involved (end-user, corporate entity, architect, contractor, equipment planner, etc.).

Think of us as your new one-stop-shop for everything you need in your hospital, pharmacy, OR and more! With multiple manufacturers, on-site evaluation, licensed installers and decades of expertise in our arsenal, you won’t find a more qualified all-in-one alternative.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact us.