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Mobile Workstation/PKL-XX-24

Mobile Workstation/PKL-XX-24

Manufacturer: Armstrong Medical
Item#: AMPKL-XX-24
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: W34.05" x H39.55" x D25.02"
Weight: 78 lbs.

* 18 colors available – pictured in Slate Blue (SB)

* Ball-bearing drawer slides
* 5 Drawers: 3″ (3), 6″ (1), 9″ (1) – 24″ of total drawer height
* Plastic top
* Soft grip handles (2)
* Stabilizing frame with bumper
* Locking TENTE casters (2) – two swivel, one tracking
* Key locking bar
* Aluminum mounting tracks
* Optional accessories available, including modular drawer trays, plastic drawer divider sets, clearview security drug box and shelf, and more

All Armstrong A-SMART® Carts are Made in the USA.

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