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Auto-Locking Cart/PEL-XX-24

Auto-Locking Cart/PEL-XX-24

Manufacturer: Armstrong Medical
Item#: AMPEL-XX-24
Material: Aluminum
Lock Type: Auto-Locking
Dimensions: W34.45" x H39.55" x D25.20"
Weight: 88 lbs.

* 3″H (3), 6″H (1), 9″H (1) – 24″ of total drawer height
* Keyless Entry
* Lightweight aluminum construction
* Master code for all programming
* Access code for normal, daily use
* Up to 250 user codes possible
* Manual or automatic locking
* Auto-Lock Timer can be set from 1 to 998 minutes, or it can be shut off so that the cart never auto-locks
* Auto-Lock Timer programming can be limited to master code only
* Battery operated; never needs to be plugged into an outlet
* “Low Battery” indicator light
* Manual key override for emergency access
* All the quality features of an Aluminum Premier™ Cart (except Slide-Thru Side Shelf)

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