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Blanket-Fluid Warming Cabinet/W2630XSSG

Blanket-Fluid Warming Cabinet/W2630XSSG

Manufacturer: Logiquip
Item#: CAW2630XSSG
Dimensions: W30" x H24.5" x D26.5"

W-Series Data Logging
Small, single full-view glass door; 1 adjustable shelf (Pictured with additional shelf)

*”Easy Log” Integrated Data Logger with removable USB-standard!
*Automatically records data every 30 minutes
*Internal storage up to 2 years
*Digitally Controlled Heating Chambers
*Locking temperature set point
*Heat control accuracy to plus or minus 1 degrees F
*Rapid warm time (2-6 hours depending on load).
*Uniform heating
*Heating range 90-160 degrees F
*Fully insulated
*U.L./C.U.L. approved
*Audible and visual over/under temp alarm
*Compartment size: 5.27 cubic ft.
*Electrical: 120V, 7.5 Amp., 50/60HZ.
*FDA registered and OSHPD pre-approved

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