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Waste Cans – Fire Resistant Wastebasket

Waste Cans – Fire Resistant Wastebasket

Manufacturer: Rubbermaid
Item#: LGRCP2540BEI
Dimensions: L9 x W6 x H11
Weight: 10 lbs

* Rounded corners add strength and are easy to clean
* Long-lasting fiberglass resists chips and dents, won’t rust
* Textured finish helps minimize appearance of surface scratches
* California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) approved for fire safety
* Additional sizes available
* Color available for #2540 (7qt.) and #2544 (40 qt.): Beige (BEIG)
* Colors available for #2541 (14 qt.) and #2543 (28 qt.): Gray (LGRAY), Black (BLA), Beige (BEIG)

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