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Creating Functional and Aesthetic Spaces

In developing storage solutions for healthcare facilities, it’s easy to focus only on functionality. Traditionally, the focus has been only on the healthcare professionals who will be using the supplies. However, as the healthcare industry has transformed to become more patient-centric, facility leaders have become increasingly interested in creating spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing and inviting for patients and their families.

As supply chain professionals work to determine storage solutions in the healthcare environment, it’s crucial to focus on creating spaces that satisfy both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Why Function Matters in Healthcare Spaces

A focus on function is important in designing storage solutions because healthcare staffers must be able to easily access the supplies they need when they need them. In addition, supplies must be tracked carefully and replenished regularly.

Functionality involves the layout of the room, the layout and installation of storage products, and the features and benefits of each product selection.

Why Aesthetics Matter in Healthcare Spaces

Aesthetics play an important role in communicating the attention to detail, organization and functionality of any space, and, ultimately, the perception of quality care being delivered.

Studies have shown that well-designed healthcare environments with a home-like feel can help reduce a patient’s anxiety and stress, speed up their recovery time, and provide a sense of well-being. Healthcare facilities focused on aesthetics often attempt to make their environments feel more home-like and less clinical.

How Storage Systems Balances Both Function and Aesthetics

 At Storage Systems Unlimited, we understand the importance of creating spaces that meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of a healthcare facility. Through our planning and design services, we specialize in helping healthcare clients create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, meeting the needs of healthcare professionals as well as their patients.

The Planning and Design Process

To launch the planning and design phase, Storage Systems will hold a preliminary meeting with a client to determine the specific needs of the facility. That discussion might include environmental factors such as temperature and humidity; which products will be stored in each area; safety protocols; and needs for sterility, security and inventory tracking. We also discuss whether any current storage solutions can be reused, and how to ensure Joint Commission compliance.

“Storage Systems will always ask if a site visit can be made, or that we be included in design and development meetings,” says Catherine Adkins, project manager at Storage Systems Unlimited. “Our ability to see existing departments allows us to see if existing product can be reused and what current capacities are. We will also ask if an equipment list has been compiled, and if we can have a copy of it.”

After Storage Systems has the drawings or an equipment list, or has made a site visit, we develop a quote for the project. The quote involves selecting recommended storage products for each room or area. “When choosing product for a particular room, we take into consideration the equipment list provided to us, the results of our site visit, how the product will be used and, finally, budgetary restraints,” Adkins says. “Once the quote is complete, we turn it over to our CAD department, which places the product in each room and creates an elevation for each product. We take into consideration all codes that apply to storage products, including ADA, fire codes, OSHA, seismic, and life safety.”

A quote from Storage Systems includes a detailed written quote, architectural drawings and spec sheets to go with each product. Storage Systems is always available for on-site visits to review the quote and drawings, and to make revisions until the client is satisfied with both the quote and the drawings.

Planning and design services aren’t needed just for new facilities; Storage Systems often has the opportunity to work with facilities that are expanding or relocating departments within an existing building. For example, a hospital pharmacy director in Longview, Texas, selected Storage Systems to help relocate the current inpatient pharmacy to another floor in the hospital and expand the space at the same time. The 5,000-square-foot project presented several hurdles based on the existing structure and layout of the planned expansion space, but Storage Systems was able to help the department with both technology and workflow changes to increase efficiencies and safety, including customizing products and creating products that would work around existing facility infrastructure beams.

The pharmacy director selected Storage Systems because of its customer service responsiveness and cost. “We gave a tour of the new pharmacy to our executive management and board members and a repetitive remark was made about the units Storage Systems built for us and how well they looked,” he says.

Storage Systems Unlimited provides all storage-related products for every department with a choice of multiple manufacturers. We also offer preferred pricing, planning, design, installation and project management for healthcare organization and storage systems. Contact us at 1-888-614-0004 or visit to learn more or request a quote.

How Storage Systems Saves You Time and Energy

Developing storage solutions for hospital inventory can involve selecting a wide variety of products from multiple manufacturers. Making decisions about the right carts, shelving, cabinets, plastic bins and other space saving products to organize each type of supplies can be overwhelming.

That’s why it makes sense to work with a one-stop provider who can offer access to a wide variety of manufacturers’ products. With just one contact, hospital decision makers can learn about and order the products they need from an array of suppliers.

For example, over the past 40 years, Storage Systems Unlimited has developed long-standing relationships with dozens of manufacturers that provide healthcare storage options for every department. “Our consolidated approach to representing multiple brands allows us to do the shopping for our customers, providing all the possible options on a single quote,” says Catherine Adkins, project manager at Storage Systems Unlimited. “This ensures you receive the best products at the best price while saving you time and energy.”

By working with a full-service storage solution provider like Storage Systems, hospital supply chain professionals can save significant time and energy. Relying on a vendor to guide product selection, planning and design, installation and project management means supply chain professionals are able to use their time and energy on other strategic pursuits.

Product Selection

Choosing storage products from a vendor that represents just one or two manufacturers limits your options and can require you to spend significant extra time and energy. For example, if one manufacturer offers the storage solutions you need for the operating room but not what you want for the nurses’ station, you’ll be forced to contact other vendors and review their options separately until you find the right products for each department.

On the other hand, when you work with a one-stop provider like Storage Systems Unlimited, you can access the best prices on thousands of storage-related products like shelving, carts, cabinets, lockers and workstations from dozens of leading manufacturers. “Because we represent multiple manufacturers, we can provide you pricing options on, for instance, wire shelving from InterMetro, Lakeside, Eagle, LogiQuip and Quantum,” Adkins says.

Planning and Design

When you’re building a new facility or remodeling an existing facility, you can save time and energy by including Storage Systems from the early stages of planning and design. And when you work with a full-service vendor, that’s part of the process.

“We can provide planning and design services to meet strict engineering and government codes on product add-ons, renovations, expansions, new facilities and more,” Adkins says. In addition to serving as a distributor for storage-related products, Storage Systems also helps with consolidating products for facility construction projects. That includes on-site product evaluation and inventory, reuse of existing products, supplying CAD drawings to show layout of products on architectural plans, and coordinating installation with the general contractor.


Selecting the right storage products and getting the best prices are just the beginning. To get supplies organized and ready for use, those storage products must be installed properly and safely. Coordinating installation for cabinets, shelving and other storage products can be a time-consuming endeavor.

Storage Systems Unlimited employs licensed and bonded installers to properly assemble and install every product it sells. “Our team will receive the products, unbox, assemble, install and even haul away the trash when we finish,” Adkins says.

Project Management

When you purchase storage products from individual manufacturers, you are responsible for product selection, installation and coordination with construction managers. However, when you rely on a full-service storage solution provider to manage the entire project, you can conserve your time and energy for other tasks and pursuits.

“We coordinate every project from start to finish, on time and on budget, with thorough communication throughout the process with the buyer, contractor and end user,” Adkins says. “Storage Systems works on projects of all sizes across the United States, giving customers quick access to our customer service, installation and project management teams.”

At Storage Systems Unlimited, we provide all storage-related products for every department with a choice of multiple manufacturers. We also offer preferred pricing, planning, design, installation and project management for healthcare organization and storage systems. Contact us at 1-888-614-0004 or visit to learn more or request a quote.