Storage Systems Unlimited

Planning & Design

Great, efficient design doesn’t just happen. It’s created by having an exact understanding of the end user’s requirements for the space and the products needed to establish the ideal working environment.

That’s where we come in.

At Storage Systems, we understand the importance of creating spaces that meet the end user’s needs both functionally and aesthetically. Functionality includes everything from the layout of the room and products to the features and benefits of each product selected. Organization and storage are must-haves in any healthcare environment.

Additionally, aesthetics play an important role in communicating the attention to detail, organization and functionality of any space and, ultimately, the perception of quality care being delivered.

How We Work

From the onset of any project, Storage Systems participates in initial planning meetings to discuss the project details, timeline, budget and other considerations. We will conduct an on-site review of any existing space and products to determine if any current products can be reused.

We take measurements and pictures and make notes, coming back to the customer with CAD plans showing the placement of all planned products in every department included in the project design.

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