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6-Drawer Steel, Med Jr, Beside Cart – JTGSU-333369-SPG

6-Drawer Steel, Med Jr, Beside Cart – JTGSU-333369-SPG

Manufacturer: Waterloo
Item#: WLJTGSU-333369-SPG
Material: Steel
Dimensions: W23" x H42" x D24.5"

Keep frequently used patient care items with arm’s reach with Waterloo bedside/point of care carts. These carts can reduce the number of trips to central supply and maximize nursing efficiency. Full size or slim Med-Jr options are available, along with a variety of height and caster options.

* Tall Bedside/Point of Care Cart – also available in short, medium and extra tall
* Gray exterior with Spring Green drawer fronts
* Six drawers: Four (4) 3″, One (1) 6″ and One (1) 9″drawers – can be configured with any combination of 3″, 6″, 9″ or 12″ drawers
* Cart exterior can be blue, gray or red
* Stabilizer system to prevent tipping
* 5″ premium casters (2 braking; 1 tracking; 1 swivel)
* Drawers have ball bearing full-extension slides and metal pulls
* Removable colored drawer fronts – available in 16 custom colors
* White molded ABS plastic removable top
* Dual push handles can be installed on either side
* Tamper resistant key locking system -also available in Lever Lock, Electronic Lock, Mechanical Pushbutton or proximity locks
* Accessories mounted to pre-threaded holes
* Cart ships fully assembled
* Latex Free
* 5 year warranty offered by Waterloo

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