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Computer Cart/M-C-11133-1

Computer Cart/M-C-11133-1

Manufacturer: TouchPoint Medical
Item#: TPM-C-11133-1
Please call Storage Systems if you are interested in a Workstation on Wheels. Due to the complexity of the product and the customization options available, the below product specifications are listed only as a reference.

The Access RX cart is a mobile workstation designed for the ultimate user experience with regards to ergonomics, flexibility, control and run time.

It is fully-integrated system compliant for transporting medication securely to the patient bedside. The Access Rx platform utilizes a configurable bin system to allow up to 12 individual patient drawers to administer medication from the pharmacy or ADM directly to the bedside and is also scalable, allowing you to adjust the platform depending on your changing needs.

With various levels of software and EHR integration the Access Rx and Access RxMD platforms help to enable your facility to achieve closed-loop medication management.

In addition, the Access Rx cart is built off of the AccessPoint foundation providing all of the following features and benefits:

– Manual or electronic work surface height adjustment (25″ – 48″)
– 3 battery power options including a class leading battery run-time & cycle life with the Li-Nano battery (up to 16hrs and 5000 cycles)
– Fanless & Fan-Assist battery charging (full charge in 2hrs)
– AC/DC Selectable power
– 12′ auto-coil power cord
– Universal/expandable tech tray to house a host of various computer choices
– Full adjustable display mount allows for the perfect working angle even with bi-focals, fold down feature to make room to room traveling easier
– Largest smooth worksurface in the industry (267sq in)
– 2 keyboard options to meet any need
– Worksurface and floor path ligthing
– Microban anti-microbial protection is infused in all surfaces.
– Remote monitoring system
– Numerous storage and functional accessories available

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