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Avalo Anesthesia Cart/AM10MC-EG-K-DR321

Avalo Anesthesia Cart/AM10MC-EG-K-DR321

Manufacturer: Capsa Healthcare
Item#: CPAM10MC-EG-K-DR321
Material: High-density polyethylene
Dimensions: W31" x H43" x D24"

* Six drawers: (3) 3″, (2) 6″, (1) 9″
* Keyless Entry lock
* Keyless Entry with Auto Relock available
* Proprietary “Pyramid” shape side panel provides lower center of gravity to prevent tipping
* Precision-welded steel frame with high-impact cart panels
* Seamless drawer with full extension for maximum access
* Secure “drawer detent” closure
* Slot Lock Advantage – All drawers within 1” of closed will be secured when cart is locked
Alternative heights and drawer configurations available 
Additional colors available

Anesthesia Cart Accessory Package (ACP-AM10MC-EG-1) Includes:
* Anesthesia storage tower
* 4 and 5 front tilt bins
* Anesthesia tray
* 3” drawer divider kit
* Sharps case
* Glove dispenser
* Accessory mounting rack
* Two handles
Additional accessories available

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