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Blanket Warming Cabinet/P-2010-S

Blanket Warming Cabinet/P-2010-S

Manufacturer: Pedigo
Item#: PDP-2010-S
Dimensions: W16.25" x H21.5" x D27"

*Unit can be stacked
*Ideal for countertop use
*4 digit LED display
*Windowed door
*Control lock programming and auto time programming
*No fans or other moving parts
*No lint traps
*Deluxe models allow easy inventory visualization through glass doors
*Choice of casters or fixed legs
*Safety coated interior
*Individual controls adjust up to 200oF
*125 VAC
*Electronic programmable controls
*Compatible with the P-2010-TC

Compartment Size
*2.3 cubic feet
*13¼˝W x 21½˝D x 14˝H

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