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Bottom Track Shelving from Logiquip

Bottom Track Shelving from Logiquip

Manufacturer: Logiquip
Item#: CABottomTrack

Logiquip Floor Track Systems come in two versions.

Carriage Systems

  • Carriages can be up to 12 ft in length and 4 ft in depth
  • Ball bearing design allows units up to 2000 lbs. to move easily
  • V Groove floor track is low-profile, cart friendly and non-trip
  • Carraiges: Satin anodized aluminum rails with roller bearing wheel ssemblies
  • Track:
    • Aluminum-extruded V desigh (3/8 inch at highest peak) with hardened steel inserts
    • Reduces friction and provides positive carraige retention
    • Low profile end stops
  • Option al Mechanical Assist: Ergonomically designed easy move aisles, complete with built in aisle control

Skate Systems

  • Simple and cost-effective solution
  • Easy to configure: Determine length of track needed and provide depth of carts used
  • Aluminum skates with HDP end stops and roller bearing wheels attach to bottom of posts
  • V groove floor track is low-profile, cart friendly and non-trip with 3/8 inch height

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