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Bulk Bins – Attached Top Container, QDC2420-12

Bulk Bins – Attached Top Container, QDC2420-12

Manufacturer: Quantum
Item#: QSQDC2420-12
Dimensions: L25 x W13 x H21
Weight: 8 lbs

* 1 per carton
* Permanently attached tops have steel hinges that interlock for stacking strength and security
* Textured, non-slip bottoms ensure smooth conveying
* Ergonomically designed handles allow for easy lifting
* Recessed lids ensure maximum load stability
* Padlock eye provides security option, allowing lids to be fastened and/or locked
* Clear label holder available
* Standard colors available: Gray and Clear
* Custom colors are also available
* 10 sizes available
* Plastic Dolly available
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