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Crash Cart/FLCRP1

Crash Cart/FLCRP1

Manufacturer: InterMetro
Item#: FLCRP1
Material: Polymer
Dimensions: L32.25" x W22.375" x H35.125"
Weight: 150 lbs

– Pull out side shelf provides additional workspace.
– Pull out interior shelf accommodates equipment or used as a seated writing surface.
– Laptop arm and keyboard shelf accommodate technology needs.
– Full extension drawers have self-closing ball bearing slides to provide easy access to medications and supplies. 3″, 6″, 9″, 12″ (76mm, 152mm, 229mm, 305mm)
– Full-feature LCD touchpad with Cart Management System, keyless entry touchpad with auto lock, card readers, key locks, and passive locks are available for every security need.
– Spacious worksurface provides a smooth writing surface or ample space for prep work.
– 5″ (127mm) polymer caster, two directional, and two total lock casters provide control and stability.
– Overbridge storage creates additional space and clears clutter without expanding the cart footprint

– Recessed side storage holds tilt-out bins, wastebaskets, lockable sharps containers, O2 tanks, glove boxes and suction pump shelves.
– Strapless defibrillator platform adjusts to fit various defibrillators and can be moved away from the worksurface and toward the patient.
– The backboard can be mounted to the front or back of the cart.
– Single seal or individual drawer seals are avaliable.
– Wireless user management available with Advanced LCD Wireless Touchpad.

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