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Exchange Supply Cabinet/MX4400DHG

Exchange Supply Cabinet/MX4400DHG

Manufacturer: MASS
Item#: MSMX4400DHG
Material: Metal
Dimensions: W41" x H84.37" x D22 3/4"

*Shown with Four SlotShelves with adjustable dividers
*One Slide-out Shelf
*Two Bin Modules consisting of Bins and Slide-out Shelf
*Two 3″ ABS Trays with dividers, Three 6″ ABS Trays with dividers, and One 9″ ABS Tray with dividers
*Two 9″ Baskets
*Hinged door with glass inserts
*Available with Locking counter-balanced tambour door rolls up into top of cabinet
*Available with keyless lock

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