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Maxi Over The Road Case Cart With Double Solid Door – CCC1-19 / CCC1-19G

Maxi Over The Road Case Cart With Double Solid Door – CCC1-19 / CCC1-19G

Manufacturer: Blickman
Item#: 2327331030
Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Non-Magnetic
Dimensions: W53" x H42" x D29"
Weight: 231 lbs.

As healthcare processes change, Blickman works with customers to design the products they need. With growing demand for off-site sterile processing, Blickman reengineered its case cart lineup by adding a new series of carts dedicated to meet its customers’ new and more demanding transport requirements.

The Maxi Over The Road Case Cart comes with reinforced, robust casters to absorb bumps during transport, a second lock at the base of the cart and doors sealed with gasketing material to ensure items remain secure and protected from the environment. OTR case carts can also be used for standard transport functions within the healthcare facility. The Maxi OTR Case Cart Model OTR1 with Double Solid Door is good for procedures that require a larger volume of supplies such as neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. It comes standard with one heavy-duty roll-out wire shelf.

Standard Features

• One sturdy, heavy duty, wire roll-out shelf
• Double-walled, channel-enforced, welded, double-hinged stainless steel doors that swing 270 degrees
• In fully opened position, positive spring acting clips at the cart end capture doors for cart washing or operating room use
• Paddle latches to open doors include a built-in clasp to accommodate for tamper-evident locks
• Door sealed with gasketing material to prevent dust and dirt
• Additional bottom latch for a tighter seal
• Sound deadening channel in the center back and sound deadening angle welded underneath the top
• A pan-shaped and step down bottom sloped to facilitate draining
• Horizontal intersections filled with heat resistant silicone
• The body shell is bolted to the chassis
• Two full-length push handles on both ends
• Protective, encircling rubber bumper set in a stainless steel channel
• Heavy-duty, high-temperature rated, 6″ casters with polyurethane wheel on a polypropylene core
• Two swivel locking and two total locking casters
• Reinforced, robust casters to absorb bumps during transport
• Easy-to-clean, not recommended for autoclave