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Medical Storage/MSPM83-00TK

Medical Storage/MSPM83-00TK

Manufacturer: Harloff
Item#: MSPM83-00TK
Dimensions: W60" x H81" x D28"
Weight: 445 lbs


• Unmatched quality of construction — built to last using professional grade design and manufacturing for medical-grade applications

• Roll-up tambour door with key lock allows access to supplies during clinical hours

• Stacks flush with walls or other cabinets — we don’t use easily misplaced removable handles or bulky exterior hardware

• Features a true 24” interior cabinet depth able to store boxes two feet deep

• Customize your cabinet with any combo of trays, baskets, shelves or accessories/packages

• Interior side panels allow 47 insertion points within each column creating a system of multiple organization possibilities

• Modular trays can be pulled out at an angle, and “clip-on” locking safety features help minimize the risk of falling trays

• Industry best 5” quiet rolling Tente® casters for superior mobility – one steering and one braking caster

• Cabinet is delivered fully assembled