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Nezzie Ambulation Device

Nezzie Ambulation Device

Manufacturer: Blickman
Item#: BLNZ9000
Dimensions: W'27 13/16 x D'26 3/8
Weight: 77 lbs
  • Designed to reside bedside, requiring no more room than a standard IV pole.

  • Four casters allow for the unit to pivot 360 degrees in tight spaces such as the bathroom.

  • Wrap-around adjustable handle design accommodates individual patient size and contributes to patient safety and confidence during ambulation.

  • Antimicrobial paint and the ability to dedicate one patient at a time provide added infection control.

Standard Features

  • Powder-coated antimicrobial gray paint
  • Two retractable IV poles with four hooks
  • Two wrap-around adjustable and retractable handles
  • Front Device Hanger
  • 4” total lock swivel casters with brakes

Optional Features

  • Different powder-coated antimicrobial paint colors
  • 2 hook or 8 (rake) hook configurations for the IV poles
  • External oxygen tank holders (see accessories)