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Protection System Isolation Bundle, BD602-0012

Protection System Isolation Bundle, BD602-0012

Manufacturer: Bowman
Item#: BWBD602-0012
Material: Quartz ABS Plastic
Dimensions: W23.38" x H36.51" x D5.40"

* Holds an assortment of personal protection equipment in a convenient and attractive dispenser

* BD602-0012 holds: flat-pack or laundered gowns or two boxes of isolation gowns, one box face shields, three boxes of glovers, and miscellaneous items in one compartment; alternatively, the face shield section can hold an additional box of thumb loop gowns and the open compartment can hold a fourth box of gloves

* Bundle includes a vertical sign holder (MP-047) that clips on the front of the dispenser and a standard door hanger (MB-600)