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Protection System Isolation Bundle/BD615-0012

Protection System Isolation Bundle/BD615-0012

Manufacturer: Bowman
Item#: BWBD615-0012
Material: Quartz Beige ABS Plastic
Dimensions: W23.38" x H36.51" x D5.40"

Proper and consistent use of the products in this dispenser reduces the chances of spreading infectious bacteria and viruses, such as those found in MRSA, SARS, or C-diff. Protection System Isolation Bundles are ideal for all patient care areas where isolation is required.

* Protection System (PS) Isolation Bundles hold flat-pack or laundered gowns or two boxes of isolation gowns, one box of face shields, three boxes of gloves, and miscellaneous items in an open compartment

* Alternatively, the face shield section can hold an additional box of thumb loop gowns and the open compartment can hold a fourth box of gloves

* The bundle includes a sign holder that clips on the front of the dispenser and holds a vertical sign, and a standard door hanger

* A variety of free Isolation Protection signs can be downloaded and printed from the Bowman website

Bundle BD615-0012 includes the following products:

•  BOWMAN® Protection System – Double Gown (PS015-0212)
•  BOWMAN® Clip-On Sign Holder (MP-047)
•  BOWMAN® Hanger – Door – Standard (MB-600)

Consumable items and sanitizer dispenser are for demonstration purposes only, and are not included with BD615-0012.