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Rack System – E-Type

Rack System – E-Type

Manufacturer: Pegasus
Item#: E Type
Material: Thermoplastic Polymer
Dimensions: W26.2" x H77.6" x D17.6"
• Easy-to-clean smooth surfaces
• Pull out modules for easy cleaning


• 40kg load capacity
• Telescopic rails for heavier loads
• Durable coating (zinc plated + powder coating)


• Baskets can be permanently angled or stored horizontally and tilted while in use


• Tool-free repositioning of basket configuration
• Flexible divider system
• 3 different basket / tray depths   (2″, 4″, 8″)

System Components:

• Angled Rails
• Horizontal / Tilt Rails
• Telescopic Rails

Bulk Items: Bulk items can be stored on wire shelving in combination with dense storage baskets

• Double E Wire Shelf 45cm (17.7”) / 125.6+cm (49.4”)

* Over 20 colors available

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