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Rev•o•lu•tion™ Closed Surgical Case Cart – RCC-235

Rev•o•lu•tion™ Closed Surgical Case Cart – RCC-235

Manufacturer: Pedigo
Item#: PDRCC-235
Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Dimensions: W36" x H59" x D27 1/2"

*Patent-pending rev•o•lu•tion™ closed surgical case carts from Pedigo are are ergonomically designed to be lightweight and easy to handle.

Usable Interior Space of RCC-235: 27″W x 23½”D x 44¾”H

re•volve™ Casters
*Improve maneuverability and require 32% less push/pull force than standard case carts.
*Made from glass reinforced engineered thermoplastic.
*Rated to 280° Fahrenheit, this high temp caster features four precision bearings in each caster – best in the industry.
*Twin precision sealed ball bearings.
*6″ diameter, two swivel and two with direction lock.

Cool Touch Handle
*Ergonomic, polymer handle is cooler to the touch than stainless steel after emerging from the cart washer.
*No need for gloves or towels to wrap around hot metal handles.
*The handle is designed within the perimeter of the bumper to reduce impact at the push pull location.
*For ease of access and convenience, a door catch mechanism has been integrated into the glass-filled polymer handle system (black release button).

Windowed Doors
*rev•o•lu•tion™ case cart doors feature an industry first – clear, impact and scratch resistant poly windows.
*Windows allow staff to view contents of cart and determine the status at a glance.
*Doors are constructed using a combination of aluminum and stainless steel.
*The aluminum reduces the overall weight of the cart making it easier to maneuver.
*Aluminum doors are powder-coated with a custom high-temp, chip resistant resin.

Bumper System
*High temp bumper is bolt-mounted directly to the bottom of the cart creating a smaller overall footprint.
*The four piece bumper assembly can now be easily replaced or adjusted in the field with the use of common tools.

Shelf Lockarm

*The new two position, spring loaded arm mechanism securely locks the shelf in the extended or closed position.
*With the shelf fixed in the extended position, staff can easily and safely load the cart without movement from the shelf.

Shelf Roller
*The new rev•o•lu•tion™ cart shelving system uses a self lubricating, glass filled rollers for ease of movement.
*Unlike other shelving systems that employ a metal-on-metal grooved sliding system, the rev•o•lu•tion™ rollers will not create unwanted friction, gall the material, or create uneven wear surfaces that make shelf movement difficult.

*The stainless steel wrap features rounded corner construction for increased strength.
*The integrated body, floor and doors increases the cart’s overall rigidity allowing the cart to sustain greater impact while keeping the structure square.

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