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Catheter Cart/SR2G3CG

Catheter Cart/SR2G3CG

Manufacturer: Innerspace by Solaire Medical
Item#: SLSR2G3CG
Material: Powder-Coated Steel
Dimensions: W37.5" x H75.25" x D28.75"
Weight: 193 lbs.

Preconfigured cart includes 2 single-compartment shelves, 4 shelf dividers, 3 9-hook cath cues, 6 4” trays with dividers, 1 8” tray with dividers, 1 8″ basket, and label holders.

* This cart has an easy grip bar for pushing/pulling
* Standard key lock or optional electronic lock
* Lightweight aluminum composite base and frame
* 5″” locking medical-grade casters
* Flexcell design and system of interior components adapt to the specific supply and procedure storage needs of departments throughout a healthcare facility
* Double Glass Doors
* Soft White powder-coated paint finish
* Concealed hinge design
* Metal work surface and base provide case stability
* Corner posts accept a variety of side-mounted accessories
* Cell system can accept 24”d accessories accessible from both sides for additional storage
* Available in Center Column, No Center Column and Split Center Column
* 50 FlexCells, 25 per compartment
* Manufactured and assembled in the United States

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