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Sani-Center Plus Vending Machine

Sani-Center Plus Vending Machine

Item#: Sani-Center Plus

Provide consumers with safe and easy access to personal protection equipment (PPE), safety products, medical supplies, and disinfecting supplies with the Sani-Center Plus. With social distancing being the new norm, the Sani-Center Plus offers a seamless, contactless transaction allowing consumers to access the essential PPE and safety products they need through a contactless payment experience and without having to wait in a checkout line or interact with a cashier.

With the Sani-Center Plus you can vend a variety of popular safety products and medical supplies including disinfectant wipes, latex gloves, medical masks, kleenex, bandaids, hand sanitizer, and other PPE supplies. The Sani-Center Plus features with configurable flex trays, allowing you to offer products of various sizes and shapes, including small spray bottles, mini sanitizers, medical face masks, and even sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces.

Sani-Center Plus features cashless payment in order to provide consumers with a contactless payment transaction experience (credit cards, debit cards or a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay and Google Pay).