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Case Cart/CDS-256-MS

Case Cart/CDS-256-MS

Manufacturer: Pedigo
Item#: PDCDS-256-MS
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: W28 5/8" x H39" x D28 5/8"

* Built to STERIL-GARD specifications, a manufacturing process that is designed to minimize or eliminate any areas where dirt, fluid and bacterial debris can become entrapped
* Fully-welded, all stainless steel construction
* Sound-proofed tops and doors for quiet operation
* Exterior push handles for better control and more interior space
* One piece, non-marring continuous wrap-around bumper
* Positive lock door latches
* Sealed doors for sterility
* Designed to transport sterile packs from Central Supply to Surgery
* Can be modified to fit elevators and automatic cart pick-up systems

Note: Pull-Up Side Shelf in product picture is sold separately.

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