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Manufacturer: Blickman

Howard Instrument Table Stainless Steel

Sanitary closed top helps prevent bacterial build-up.

Lightweight, yet extremely durable with sealed reinforcing channels that provide rigidity.

Ergonomic working height, 34”, for reduced back stress.

Shelf with 16″ clearance. 3” hard rubber casters, two with brakes for mobility.

Multiple Sizes:

BL7829SS      30″W x 34″H x 16″D      40 lbs.      Item# 0117829000
BL7830SS      20″W x 34″H x 16″D      32 lbs.      Item# 0117830000
BL7831SS      33″W x 34″H x 18″D      47 lbs.      Item# 0117831000
BL7832SS      36″W x 34″H x 20″D      52 lbs.      Item# 0117832000
BL7834SS      48″W x 34″H x 20″D      56 lbs.      Item# 0117834000
BL7833SS      36″W x 34″H x 24″D      66 lbs.      Item# 0117833000
BL7835SS      48″W x 34″H x 24″D      69 lbs.      Item# 0117835000
BL7836SS.     60″W x 34″H x 24″D      190 lbs.    Item# 0117836000
BL7837SS      72″W x 34″H x 24″D      210 lbs.    Item# 0117837000

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