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Pediatric Code Cart/SP27PED

Pediatric Code Cart/SP27PED

Manufacturer: Innerspace by Solaire Medical
Item#: SLSP27PED
Material: Aluminum

*Modular drawer system lets you specify the drawer configuration you need now and easily rearrange as needs change; Shown with nine (9) 3″ drawers and seamless work surface.

*Easy to maintain, withstands 24/7 use.

•Smooth surfaces ease cleaning and durable finishes withstand cleaning agents.

•Plastic drawer-front covers keep painted inserts scratch-free.

*Conveniently located electronic lock battery makes replacement easy. Shown with optional SKETC lock.

*Slide-out surface extends from either side for more work and storage space; stays securely in cart when not in use.

*Steer cart from any side; pushes or pulls equally well.

*Full swivel, locking 5″ casters.

*12-year warranty offered by manufacturer.