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Crash Cart/SP30R6

Crash Cart/SP30R6

Manufacturer: Innerspace by Solaire Medical
Item#: SLSP30R6
Material: Aluminum

*Modular drawer system lets you specify the drawer configuration you need now and easily rearrange as needs change; Shown with three (3) 3″ drawers, two (2) 6″ drawers and one (1) 9″ drawers, IV pole, oxygen tank holder, resuscitation board, defibrillator shelf, breakaway lock bar (not shown) and pull-out work surface. Note that these accessories are sold separately.

*Easy to maintain, withstands 24/7 use.

•Smooth surfaces ease cleaning and durable finishes withstand cleaning agents.

•Plastic drawer-front covers keep painted inserts scratch-free.

*Conveniently located electronic lock battery makes replacement easy. Shown with optional SKETC lock.

*Slide-out surface extends from either side for more work and storage space; stays securely in cart when not in use.

*Steer cart from any side; pushes or pulls equally well.

*Full swivel, locking 5″ casters.

*12-year warranty offered by manufacturer.