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Work Table/7840MR / 7843MR / 7845MR / 7846MR

Work Table/7840MR / 7843MR / 7845MR / 7846MR

Manufacturer: Blickman
Material: Stainless Steel

MR Sawyer Instrument Tables

*Sanitary closed top helps prevent bacterial build-up.

*Lightweight, yet extremely durable with sealed reinforcing channels that provide rigidity and H-brace for stability.

*Ergonomic working height, 34”, for reduced back stress.

*3” hard rubber casters, two with brakes for mobility.


BL7840MR / 0197840100        20″W x 34″H x 16″D         28 lbs.

BL7843MR / 0197843100        36″W x 34″H x 24″D         48 lbs.

BL7845MR / 0197845100        48″W x 34″H x 24″D         56 lbs.

BL7846MR / 0197846100        60″W x 34″H x 24″D         189 lbs.