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Wire Mesh Bins, QMB524C

Wire Mesh Bins, QMB524C

Manufacturer: Quantum
Item#: QSQMB524C
Material: Chrome
Dimensions: L10 7/8" x W4 1/8" x H4"

* Innovative mesh design offers a nickel-chrome finish and a 3/8” x 3/8” grid pattern allowing complete visibility of the bin’s contents

* Dust and dirt free storage environment

* Ultra strong design allows for superior hang capacity perfect for IV fluid storage or anything where hang capacities are vital

* Quantum’s Mesh Bins have a rear hanger that allows them to hang from any louvered wall panel or rail system

* Optional side hanger HMB530/535C (sold separately) allow bins stack one on top of the other

* The open hopper design allows for easy picking while allowing visual access to stored contents

* Two optional label holders are available for all Mesh Bins